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1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
106 Farrall Ag. Eng. Hall

Intermediate Sample Size Determination for Clinical Research

Sample size and power considerations for studies aiming to determine the effect of a treatment will be discussed. Sample size considerations for the comparisons of two means or two proportions will be tied to the trial design and analysis strategies (covariance adjustment, repeated measures). We will also consider sample size issues in exploratory developmental research projects (NIH R21 mechanism) versus larger projects (NIH R01 mechanism). Superiority, non-inferiority and equivalence clinical trial designs will be considered for studies comparing treatment to control, or treatment to another treatment. The implementation of sample size calculations in GPower and SAS software will be illustrated. Topics: * Hierarchy of evidence in clinical research * Distributional and anchor-based measures of treatment effect * Effect size * Clinical and statistical significance * Sample size determination for superiority clinical trials * Sample size determination for equivalence and non-inferiority clinical trials * Sample size determination for superiority trials with repeated measures Audience: Faculty and graduate students who want to perform sample size calculations for studies comparing several treatments or groups.