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8:30 AM - 3:30 PM
115 International Center

How to Find a Job Outside Academia: Applying Academic Skills for Expanded Opportunities

You have worked for years to acquire the knowledge, ability, and skills associated with your discipline and the academy. How will your expertise and the competencies you possess translate to expanded post-academic opportunities in government, industry, non-profit organizations and in administrative positions inside the university? What translates well and what will you have to adapt to in order to be successful in these new settings? This one day workshop is designed primarily for doctoral students who are considering post-academic careers in government, industry, non-profit organization or in administrative positions in higher education settings. Whether you are beginning your degree or about to complete it, this workshop is designed to help you plan and organize your professional development and post-academic job search around the skills and practical knowledge that nonacademic employers seek. Learn about alternatives to adjuncting and how to avoid the job-hunting mistakes that grad students most frequently make. Also, learn what you need to know before sending out a CV or resume to a nonacademic employer, interviewing, and networking. All of these topics and more will be covered. *Free Copy of the book, So What Are You Going to Do With That: Finding Careers Outside Academia to the first 150 students and postdocs.