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1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
106 Farrall Ag. Eng. Hall

Introduction to R

R is described by its creators as “a language and environment for statistical computing and graphics.” In addition to having the built in capabilities, both computational and graphical, to perform common statistical analyses, the versatility and extensibility of R make it the choice for implementation of cutting-edge statistical methods in areas such as bioinformatics (via the Bioconductor project), spatial statistics (via the Rgeo project), financial analysis (via the Rmetric project), etc. R is free software, and has significant similarities with the S language, which forms the basis for the commercial software S-Plus.This workshop will introduce participants to R, giving both a general overview of R and specific skills that are fundamental for R users. Topics will include * Data manipulation in R * Statistical Analysis in R * Graphics in R * Importing and exporting dataThe workshop will emphasize hands-on experience rather than lecture.