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9:00 AM - 11:00 AM
Kellogg Center, Big Ten C

CAFFE MINI INSTITUTE: Building Productive Professional Relationships Through Mentoring

Your ability to mentor well can have huge impact on the overall experience and the productivity of both you and your mentees; yet most of us have not received any formal mentor training.The goal of this program series is to improve the research mentoring skills of the next generation of professionals—our graduate students and post-docs. These workshops are designed to help you become effective mentors to a diversity of students through effective discussions and collective experiences. Ideally, building effective mentoring relationships can be used to increase recruitment and retention, share cultural and organizational knowledge associated with your discipline, and help individuals meet personal and professional objectives. As graduate students and post-docs, you undoubtedly have mentoring needs now; however, it is not too early to learn how to be an effective mentor. Through this program, you will learn effective mentoring skills which will help you and your colleagues maintain productive relationships now and help you establish effective relationships in the future. Limit 150