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11:30am - 1:30pm
Biological/Physical Sciences (BPS) 1400
College of Natural Science

Designing, Implementing and Learning from Research on STEM Education

How do you design STEM education research that can make a difference in students learning challenging ideas? What makes a good question to explore? What makes a good research design? In this workshop, Joe and Bob will take you through a process for designing, implementing and learning from STEM education research. As in disciplinary based research, asking appropriate and powerful questions that can both help solve pressing problems but also contribute to the knowledge of the community in paramount. Asking the “right question” is always a tough component of any research. They will focus on the importance of building from what is already known in the literature to find solutions to problems of students learning. Next, they will explore designs that can help you answer question. They will focus on a design-based cycle that can help your research on STEM education build from initial seed ideas through more robust and mature projects. The session will provide time for you to discuss and plan ideas with your colleagues.

Joe Krajcik is director of the Institute for Collaborative Research for Educational Assessment and Teaching Environments (CREATE) for STEM. CREATE is a joint institute between the College of Natural Science and the College of Education to improve the teaching and learning of science and mathematics K – 16 through research. He is also professor of Science Education in the College of Education and Editor of the Journal of Research in Science Teaching (JRST), a leading research journal that focuses on improving the teaching and learning of science K – 21.

Bob Geier is Associate Director and senior research associate for CREATE and managing assistant editor for JRST.