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5:30 PM - 7:00 PM
1279 Anthony Hall
The Graduate School & TAP

Facilitating Discussions That Work

Discussions “work” when we facilitate well through questioning. Careful planning, clear goal setting, and adept facilitation can turn a conventional recitation into an active learning experience, transform “tennis-ball” exchanges into in-depth discussions, and foster our students’ further inquiry and interest. But becoming an artful, provocative, and productive questioner is difficult. Fortunately, it’s also a teaching competency that we can improve right away. Workshop attendees learn to develop good interpretive questions that will advance their classroom objectives and increase students’ participation.Co-facilitators: Dr. Rique Campa, Associate Dean, The Graduate School and Professor, Fisheries and Wildlife; Julie Rojewski, Interim Director, Teaching Assistant Programs.This workshop can be used to fulfill the MSU CCTP competency: Adult Students as Learners/Creating Learning Environments