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8:45 AM - 3:30 pm
Lincoln Room, Kellogg Center Michigan State University Campus
The MSU Graduate School

CONFERENCE: Planning for a Sustainable Career: From Graduate Student to Professional

Doctoral programs are the first stage in a long professional career; preparing for that career requires not just disciplinary training, but the development of a range of skills necessary to adapt to professional and personal changes. This workshop will help you identify those skills and to learn how and where to acquire them. How do you achieve a workable balance between your personal and professional life? How do working professionals deal productively with setbacks, life changes, competing priorities? What kind of planning can you do now to avoid emotional, physical, and financial burnout both now and in the long term? What does it take to develop a “sustainable” and “satisfying” career in graduate school and beyond? This workshop is aimed at post docs and at doctoral students at all levels of their programs, from those just beginning their coursework, to those starting on their job searches and making the transition from graduate school to a new career. Facilitators: Dr. Rique Campa (Associate Dean, Michigan State University) and Dr. Judith Stoddart (Associate Dean, Michigan State University)