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Semi-annual Faculty Seminars in Research and Instructional Technology

MSU is once again pleased to offer the semi-annual Faculty Seminars in Research and Instructional Technology, two days of short courses for faculty and academic staff featuring hands-on instruction in the use of a variety of technology tools. The courses are offered this semester on December 18 and 19. Free lunches on both days include brief presentations on relevant technology topics. Faculty and academic staff can take up to four short courses over the two day period. The course sessions and lunches are provided at no cost to participants. Some of you may have noticed two important changes to the seminars in recent semesters. One is that enrollment is now open to graduate assistants. Please bring this opportunity to the attention of your graduate assistants whom you believe might benefit from the experience. The other change is an expansion of the curriculum into more research-focused areas, including the High Performance Computing Center, Mathematica, Python for Researchers, LaTeX, and Data Management for Researchers. Indeed, the courses in Advanced HPCC, and Python were among the first to fill up.