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12:00 noon to 1:00 p.m
Room 105 Natural Science Building
MSU Libraries and the College of Natural Science

A Report and Panel Discussion of MSU’s e-text Pilot Project, Part 1: Nursing, and Sociology

This is the first of at least two sessions we’ll have reporting on MSU’s participation in the CIC/Internet2/Educause series of pilot projects on using electronic textbooks during the fall 2012 semester. (In two weeks we’ll have a similar panel reporting on the projects undertaken in courses in Advertising and Telecommunication.) The panel will be moderated by Heidi, and there will be reports and discussion from Craig and Kathy on the use of the e-texts in their respective classes. For those of you unfamiliar with the project, the funding for MSU’s pilot ($20,000) was provided by the Provost’s Office to pay McGraw-Hill to provide online versions of textbooks to up to 1,000 students in selected classes using the Courseload reading platform. (The students paid nothing.) Licensing provisions provide textbook access through the semester in which the courses are given. The project raises a host of issues, including accessibility, readability on a variety of devices, and uncertainty about what may happen when the pilot ends. Join us for a discussion of these issues.