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4:00 PM to 5:30 PM
Main Library-Reference Instruction Room W-101D
The Graduate School and the MSU Libraries

Teaching Information Literacy

What is “information literacy?” This term can conjure up images of students’ futile Googling, Wikipedia-citing, or nightmarish bibliographies. The traditional quick fix for limited information skills often takes the shape of a library “how-to” session, scavenger hunt, or other extra-credit type assignment. However, research suggests that the key to engaged information literacy learning is contextualization. Evaluating sources, engaging with information, and discovering new places to search never happens in a vacuum, but is intricately tied to a larger inquiry process. Within a discipline, information literacy ultimately contributes to an understanding of the processes of conversation and knowledge creation. This session will focus on ideas for integrating information literacy principles and skills into assignments and teaching, as well as collaborating with librarians.