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9:00 AM to 3:00 PM
Kellogg Center, Centennial Room
The Graduate School

Assessment of Student Learning Symposium

In every type of postsecondary educational institution, student learning assessment has taken a ‘front seat’ in conversations about educational quality and value. Graduate students and postdocs that are able to talk to future academic employers about their approaches to assessing the learning outcomes of the students they teach will stand out from other candidates. This one-day symposium is a follow-up to the PFF-ASL Assessment of Student Learning Spring Institute in May 2013. This symposium will be a place where graduate students and postdocs can think about approaches to using data they collect on student learning assessment. What if you find out that the learning goals class session were not achieved by many students? What do you do with that information to make changes in your teaching practice? Participants in this symposium will have the opportunity to become connected with a broader network of individuals at MSU engaging in what is a nationwide conversation of quality teaching and learning in higher education.