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106 Farrell Hall
MSU Center for Statistical Training and Consulting

Introduction to STATA

This workshop provides an introduction to the increasingly popular statistical software STATA in economics, business, and marketing as well as the medical, social, and behavioral sciences. A number of software facilities for data management are initially discussed and illustrated on empirical data. Some relatively simple statistical analyses are then dealt with, including optimal search for variable transformation to near normality, frequency tables and analysis of variance, which are similarly exemplified with the use of data from several studies. The widely used multiple regression analysis is then focused on and illustrated on empirical data from an environmental study. The workshop is built on empirical illustration of each discussed command, and the associated output is discussed. The goal of the workshop is to motivate its attendees to consider using STATA in their own research as a highly versatile and user-friendly modern statistical package, which offers rich statistical analysis options and output information at the cost of very short and intuitive commands.