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South Kedzie Hall, Room 134
MSU Educational Administration

Decentering Dominant Knowledge

Specifically, this panel seeks to inquire into the difficulties and necessities of challenging “Western” exceptionalism, which assumes that “the West alone is capable of accurate understandings of the regularities of nature and social relations and their underlying causal tendencies” (Harding 2011, 6). As a panel of scholars committed to decentering “Western” exceptionalism, we and the Department of Philosophy at MSU, invite you to join us for a conversation organized around three central questions. They are: A world of sciences: How does this phenomenon challenge a) philosophies of science and b) liberal democracies? To what extent can we decenter dominant “knowledge” or “science” in the neoliberal academy? What are the possibilities, tensions and contradictions? Too often knowledge production is understood without considering the affective elements of validation. Can attention paid to affective dimensions of “knowledge” aid in decentering dominant paradigms of knowledge production?