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Academic Work Skills and Responsibilities, Grant writing skills

Strategies for becoming a productive writer

Do you struggle with writing? Do you frequently sit down to write and find yourself surfing the web or on social media websites only to find that an hour later you never actually produced a sentence? Do you always find some reason why you cannot write – e.g. you do not have enough data, you have too much data, you haven’t exhaustively read the literature, your desk is too cluttered, you need to clean the house first, you are not good at writing, and the excuses go on! If this sounds like you, rest assured you are not alone. Many people struggle with writing; yet, writing is a core part of graduate school, whether it is writing a thesis/dissertation, grant proposals, and/or publishing your research. Further, if you are pursuing a career in academia or other professional career, writing is going to be the primary means by which you will disseminate your research and communicate with your professional network. Regardless of whether you have good or poor writing skills, it can be a struggle just to get the words on the paper. And, one of the primary ways to become a more proficient writer is by writing more.