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12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
Room 105 Natural Science Building.
Instructional Technology
Faculty Knowledge Essentials, Pedagogy: How people learn

Distraction in the Classroom: The Use of Portable Devices for Non-Academic Purposes

Multi-tasking by students (using smartphones, tablets, computers and other devices) to check messages and website information unrelated to class is, unfortunately, a common problem. It creates a distraction for both the student who is using the device and also for the students near them. Susan will present her research on student performance when students multi-task in classroom.   Does this Internet use (multi-tasking) result in poorer exam performance?  Can some students multi-task more effectively than other students? Do students believe that this Internet use results in poorer exam performance? 

This session should be of interest to anyone teaching classes so that we can provide students empirical evidence of the impact of multi-tasking. This will also be of interest to anyone who has multi-tasked during meetings and other events to see whether potential loss of performance exists.