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11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
2555 D Engineering
Center for Engineering Education Research
Faculty Knowledge Essentials, Assessment

The Value of Consistent and Objective Assessment in Teaching Efficacy for Large Classes

One of the main challenges in large courses is monitoring the individual section activities, and tracking consistency across sections in both instruction and grading. It is important that all students be graded on the same basis regardless of the section to which they have been assigned. The desire and call for consistency in teaching and grading across sections in a multiple-section course is mandatory; but unfortunately it has received little attention in the research literature. This talk focuses on the use of assessment to enhance consistency, and its impact on teaching efficacy in large post-secondary courses. The talk also focuses on the usefulness and effectiveness of assessment in informing instructors about the learning progress of their students, such as gaps in understanding, so that the instructors will be able to use this information to help their students to make a better connection between interrelated ideas.