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Nov 05 - Oct 28, 2014
12:00 PM - 1:15 PM
252 Erickson Hall
CREATE for STEM Institute
Expectations of Academic Institutions, Teaching and mentoring students

Students’ meaningful engagement in disciplinary practices

In this talk, Dr. Leema Berland will demonstrate first that the value of engaging students in disciplinary practices stems not only from their reflection of professional practice but, possibly more importantly, also from the students perception that those practices are useful or meaningful. She will then illustrate that students adapt the disciplinary practices we foster—in this case, scientific argumentation—to form a version of the practice that is coherent in the classroom setting. Dr. Berland will conclude with a study that suggests that many approaches to fostering scientific argumentation are not coherent—that we, as educators, often ask students to take up some aspects of argumentative discourse and not others—and that this lack of coherency might negatively impact student participation in these practices. For each of these studies, she will underscore the educational implications.