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Apr 02 - Mar 24, 2015
2:15 PM - 3:30 PM
252 Erickson Hall
Expectations of Academic Institutions, Teaching and mentoring students

Studio Chemistry at CalPoly: An Examination of Student Outcomes

Twenty years ago, a major curriculum revision at California Polytechnic State University led to the implementation of an integrated lecture/laboratory (studio) experience for our engineering students taking general chemistry.  With the construction of our new Center for Science and Mathematics, completed in Fall 2013, the opportunity arose to construct four purpose-built studio classrooms to house nearly our entire general chemistry sequence for all students and to perform a detailed study of the effects of the entire ecology of the studio experience on student success.  Data from content knowledge pre- and post-tests, learning attitudes surveys, and student course evaluations shows positive effects on student performance, the development of more expert-like learning attitudes, increased student engagement, and increased student-instructor interactions vs. our previous separate lecture and laboratory instruction.  Our data also show our new peer Learning Assistant program increases student engagement while also having positive impacts on the Learning Assistants themselves.