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4:30 PM - 5:30 PM
10 Chittenden Hall
466 W. Circle Dr.
MSU Graduate School
Academic Work Skills and Responsibilities, Certification in College Teaching

Certification in College Teaching Scaffolding Workshop

 Have you attended the Certification in College Teaching Institute? Do you have questions about the components of the e-portfolio or need to tackle those final details needed to complete it? If you answered yes to these questions this “support towards completion” activity is for you. Graduate School coordinators of the Certification Program will answer questions and offer suggestions that will help participants’ successfully navigate an complete the requirements to demonstrate proficiency-based learning in each of the five competencies for the Certification in College Teaching: Developing Disciplinary Teaching Strategies, Creating Effective Learning Environments, Incorporating Technology in the Classroom, Assessing Student Learning/Mentored Teaching Experience, Understanding the University Context. You will have an opportunity to work in small groups on specific components of the portfolio (teaching philosophy, reflections on competencies, plans for or write-ups of your mentored teaching projects). Bring what you have completed to date and items you want to work on. To refresh your memory please refer to the attached “CCT Portfolio Checklist” to review what you have. Remember that you are encouraged to bring any work from the check-list (completed work, work in progress or just tentative drafts).