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11:00 AM- 12:30 PM
Online web-conference, synchronous graduate
CIRTL Network

The College Classroom

In this CIRTL Network course, students will learn the basics of effective teaching as well as ideas in the forefront of college education. Students will explore their teaching philosophy, design a course curriculum, learn how to monitor and investigate the effectiveness of the learning environment, and explore what it means to create an inclusive classroom environment that engages all learners.
Students may participate with or without credit, as they prefer. The course work is equivalent to a 2-credit course. Graduate students at campuses other than the host institution who are interested in receiving course credit are encouraged to work with their local CIRTL Network campus leaders or advisors to receive independent study credit. Credits offered by the host campuses will vary. Students taking the course for credit will be required to submit a grade report form to the instructor early in the semester. This course will use interactive web and teleconferencing technology.
An emphasis on a learning-centered classroom will provide students with a perspective that highlights the interconnected cycle of teaching, assessment, and learning such that they become reflective practitioners, viewing their classroom as sites for ongoing research into their own teaching.
Open to graduate students in all STEM disciplines wishing to pursue college/university teaching.