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1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
106 Farrall Ag. Eng. Hall

Basic Data Analysis Using SPSS

This workshop will provide an overview of statistical test choices, variable creation and transformation, and output interpretation using SPSS. Hands-on lab exercises will demonstrate how to execute basic data transformations and analyses using SPSS. Descriptive statistics, chi-square, means comparisons (t-test) and correlations will be covered along with creating simple graphs. We will spend about one hour covering basic information about SPSS and getting ready for data entry in a lecture format and two hours in the computer lab with hands-on exercises in using SPSS.

* Preparing your data (lecture)
o Creating a codebook – variables, names, labels, missing values
* Entering data in SPSS (lecture and lab exercises)
o Using SPSS and importing from EXCEL
* Modifying and organizing your data (lecture and lab exercises)
o Compute, recode, and count transformations
* Descriptive statistics (lab exercises)
o Frequencies, descriptives, and simple graphs
* Statistics for single dependent variables (lab exercises)
o Chi square
o Correlation
o T-Test