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1:00 PM - 4:00 PM
106 Farrall Ag. Eng. Hall

Statistics Refresher

The goal of this workshop is to “refresh” your memory of basic statistics. The workshop will also include opportunities for hands-on analyses using SPSS.

Topics covered will include:
* Descriptive methods – mean, median, standard deviation, histograms, boxplots.
* General discussion of confidence intervals and hypothesis tests and P-values.
* Particular inference methods:
* Confidence intervals and hypothesis tests for population means and proportions.
* Tests for population normality.
* Pre/Post methods – Paired t-test and sign test.
* Comparing 2 means - 2-sample t tests and confidence intervals for the difference.
* Comparing 2 proportions - 2-sample Z tests and chi-square tests.

Examples will be drawn from different disciplines such as education, business, and agriculture.