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11:00 AM - 12:00 PM
115 Erickson Hall
Faculty Knowledge Essentials, Research program and long-term strategy

STEM Ed Postdoc Meeting - The Image has Two Faces: External Representations in Biomolecular Sciences

Our next STEM Ed Postdoc meeting will be led by Kamali Sripathi (CREATE).   Title: The Image has Two Faces: External Representations in Biomolecular Sciences

Description: I will present my preliminary progress on research questions I am developing to investigate student use and understand of external representations (ERs). ERs are important tools in the biomolecular sciences that experts use to communicate about their research. However, from an educational point of view,,  ERs are viewed as educational materials that could foster student learning more effectively if they were better-designed. I am interested in bridging these two viewpoints from the perspective of helping students progress along the expert-novice continuum. To pursue these interests, I will present questions I am developing to potentially be deployed on BeSocratic software for a session of Bio 161 in Spring 2018.

Goals: I will present questions that are in the very preliminary stages of design; I am looking for feedback on any of the following:

·         Feedback about the wording of the questions

·         Suggestions/discussions of relevant literature and/or theoretical frameworks

·         Considerations to keep in mind as I develop these research questions and gather data