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4:30PM - 6:30PM
CIRTL, Iowa State
Professional Attitudes and Ethics, Inclusiveness and diversity

Diversity Statement Workshop

This Diversity Statement workshop introduces the diversity statement as a job material of increasing request by academic institutions across the United States. Just as new scholars benefit from assistance in the development of CVs, cover letters, and teaching philosophies, a need has emerged to assist new scholars in the development of their diversity statement. 

This workshop will help emerging scholars and practitioners navigate the typical framework of a diversity statement, prepare them with ways to turn their personal and academic life experiences into their future statement, and highlight the importance of diversity as an integrated part of their future career preparedness.

After including it as a course section in Preparing Future Faculty at Iowa State University and receiving positive feedback from attendees, this workshop can increase participant awareness about the role that diversity, equity, and inclusion can play within higher education.

Workshop Schedule

This workshop has two online sessions, and participants are required to attend both. Sessions are Monday, October 23 and 30. Exact times are TBD, but 90-minute sessions will fall within 4:30-6:30PM ET / 3:30-5:30PM CT / 2:30-4:30PM MT / 1:30-3:30PM PT. 


Between the two workshop sessions, participants may be asked to complete additional readings, watch additional videos, and contribute to a forum on the workshop Moodle site.

Registration & Enrollment

This workshop is open for registration from Monday, October 2 through Monday, October 16. The workshop is limited to 50 participants; STEM/SBE grad students and postdocs from CIRTL institutions receive priority. CIRTL staff refer to the institution and discipline in your website profile when assessing priority.