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5:00PM - 6:30PM
Faculty Knowledge Essentials, Pedagogy: How people learn

All Network Teaching as Research Presentations


Teaching-as-Research is a deliberate, systematic, and reflective approach used by STEM instructors to develop and implement teaching practices that advance the learning experiences and outcomes of students and teachers. To learn more about Teaching-as-Research, explore the three links at right (CIRTL Core Ideas, Introduction to TAR, Students answer the question "What is TAR?"). In this event, graduate students and postdocs from across the CIRTL Network will share the results of their Teaching-as-Research (TAR) projects, in which they investigated questions about teaching and learning, including projects that assess the effectiveness of specific learning activities and tools, uncover the learning process about a specific topic, or characterize the student experience in the classroom.

This event is an excellent opportunity for prospective and current TAR students to learn more about the process of carrying out a TAR project. We also encourage local TAR leaders and CIRTL leaders to attend to learn more about what's happening across the Network.

 **Register to attend this event by clicking the button on the right.** --> To attend the event on Wednesday 11/29, click on the "EVENT MEETING ROOM" link on the left. The event will run from 5-6:30PM ET / 4-5:30PM CT / 3-4:30PM MT / 2-3:30PM PT. We will have two simultaneous sessions of 5 talks each.

**See agenda links at right for talk titles and project descriptions.

** Session 1: * Christine Georgakakos, Cornell University * Robert Gruber, University of Massachusetts Amherst * Jordan Nelson, Northwestern University * Rebecca Obniski, Johns Hopkins University * Yuliya Preger, University of Wisconsin-Madison Session 2: * John Hickey, Johns Hopkins University * Goutam Sarker, University of Texas at Arlington * Roghayeh (Leila) Barmaki, Johns Hopkins University * Prerana Bharadwaj, University of Massachusetts Amherst * Maria-Graciela Hollm-Delgado, Johns Hopkins University **See agenda links at right for talk titles and project descriptions.**

Learning Outcomes

Associate: Teaching-as-Research

  • Define and recognize the value of the Teaching-as-Research process, and how it can be used for ongoing enhancement of learning.