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2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Online / Webinar

Writing a Teaching Philosophy Statement

Join our Writing a Teaching Philosophy Statement workshop and learn how to develop your own teaching philosophy in a way that can strengthen your instructional approaches and enhance your faculty application or promotion and tenure review. Teaching philosophies are a powerful tool for faculty and future faculty alike. By defining your approach to instruction, a teaching philosophy gives you a benchmark for demonstrating your impact in the classroom. Whether you're looking for work, pursuing tenure, or simply trying to refine your teaching practices, developing your philosophy can help you advance at every stage of your academic career. In this workshop, you will learn how to write an effective, peer-reviewed teaching philosophy statement that reflects your teaching beliefs and experiences, approaches to student learning, and examples of best practices in evidence-based instruction. 

Registration & Enrollment This workshop is open for registration from Monday, October 2 through Monday, November 20. The workshop is limited to 50 participants; STEM/SBE grad students and postdocs from CIRTL institutions receive priority. CIRTL staff refer to the institution and discipline in your website profile when assessing priority.