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2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
Online / Webinar

Teaching Inclusively

As student demographics become more diverse, incidents of race and racism, privilege and power regularly impact undergraduates on our campuses. Without training, knowing how to address these inequities effectively can be uncomfortable and challenging. This workshop is designed to build your confidence in dealing with “hot moments” or “difficult discussions” in the classroom by giving you practice navigating these situations. Participants will: (1) explore the perspectives of underrepresented and minoritized students on our campuses, (2) discuss a framework for addressing hot moments and difficult discussions in the classroom, and (3) practice what to say during these hot moments or difficult discussions. The emphasis in the session is on saying, deconstructing conversations and receiving feedback. 

Registration & Enrollment This workshop is open for registration from Monday, October 2 through 12PM Central Time on Monday, December 4.