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Available for Masters students, PhD students, Postdocs, and others considering academia


No matter where you are, you can always get some CAFFE To Go to make the most of your professional development.  You can be in Grand Rapids, Detroit, Houghton or anywhere and take advantage of the opportunities provided by CAFFE.

  • Online Events
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Instructional Resources
  • CIRTL Network
  • Research Integrity
  • Online Conflict Resolution

    Our program provides a focused and effective method to improve the very critical interactions between graduate students and faculty in order to improve doctoral student retention rates and the quality of graduate education and to effectively resolve conflicts when they arise.

    Faculty and graduate student versions of the workshop are available here.

    CAFFE Event Recap

    A panel of nationally known experts in cognitive science will discuss what current basic research in learning and memory can contribute to classroom instruction. The panelists evaluate, from the perspective of their disciplines, popular views about best classroom practices and optimal delivery of college level instruction.

    Watch videos on How People Learn

    Individual Development Plans

    CAFFE helps graduate students, postdocs and faculty jointly set expectations to prepare for an academic career. Preparing Individual Development Plans is a collaborative effort between faculty and students to reach those goals.This is done concurrently (i.e., in parallel) with the traditional mentoring activities associated with the disciplinary research and scholarship development of the graduate student or postdoc. 


    The Alliance for Graduate Education and the Professoriate (AGEP) at Michigan State University (MSU) is a National Science Foundation program that supports recruitment, retention, and graduation of U. S. students in doctoral programs of the natural and social sciences, mathematics, and engineering. The focus of AGEP places special emphasis on a fully inclusive recruitment and development of students from U. S. population groups historically underrepresented in fields of the sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM); and the social, behavioral, and economic (SBE) sciences.

    Find out how you can become part of this network.

    Career Success

    A primary web resource page for career exploration and professional development. Find information on resumes, cover letters, and interviewing guides.

    Office of Faculty and Organizational Development

    To support the development of faculty, academic staff, and administrators who individually and/or collectively are enabled to provide high quality service and leadership across the integrated missions of instruction, research, and outreach and engagement at a contemporary research-intensive university in the land-grant tradition.

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    STEM Education Videos

    Michigan State University's College Agriculture and Natural Resources, College of Natural Science, Center for Engineering Education Research (College of Engineering), Lyman Briggs College and the Office of Faculty and Organizational Development present "Workshops on Essential Teaching Techniques" for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Faculty.

    TECHE: Teaching Essentials for Careers in Higher Education

    This set of eight online courses is focused on research and practice in effective college teaching. They include video instruction and an extensive list of additional reading. These modules were developed by experts in teaching in higher education.
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